The state funding of mathematics education

An essay that I wrote for my Preliminary examination at Texas A&M University, Fall 2009.


Constructivism and the “Math wars”

An essay written for my Preliminary examination at Texas A&M University, Fall 2009.

Efficacy of different Representations in Explaining Operations with Fractions in Early Childhood Education

Term paper for EDCI 622 at Texas A&M University. I present and analyze research data obtained by Drs. MM Capraro and D. Goldsby.

I describe the results of the implementation of a new teaching module in the mathematical instruction of pre-service teachers in early childhood education at the College of Education of Texas A&M University. Mathematical objects do not have independent existence and thus they themselves as well as operations performed with them have to be mediated by signs called mathematical representations. Hence the importance of
using correct and efficacious representations when teaching mathematics in early childhood instruction where the students receive their first exposure to mathematics. I analyzed the choice of representation of a set of operations performed on integers, fractions and a simple probability problem.

Newcomb’s Paradox

My term paper for MATH 645, “Survey of Mathematical Problems”, Fall 2006, at Texas A&M University

Excursus on the Controversies about the Teaching of Evolution

Small discussion on the controversies on the teaching of the Theory of Biological Evolution in schools in the USA. This was written as part of an online discussion for EDCI 644-602, “Curriculum Development” at Texas A&M University during Spring 2009.

Critical Issues in Mathematics Education

A short essay

A short essay written during the Spring 2009 semester for EDCI-689-604, “Knowledge and Research in Curriculum & Instruction,” at Texas A&M University. I identified three critical issues in mathematics education and wrote a two-paragrath description of each issue

The Book of Daniel

A historical analysis of chapters 7 to 9

This article presents a historical analysis of chapters 7 to 9 of the Book of Daniel. While most interpretations will be familiar, I present a new interpretation of the Beasts of chapter 7 based on the book “The Open Tomb” by Karel Hanhart.